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My Blog:

Author Spotlight - Jenny Milchman with H.S. Clark

Jun 16, 2014


Author Spotlight

Jenny Milchman at Orca Books in Olympia, WA

Jenny Milchman posted on my Facebook timeline to let me know that she’d be passing through Seattle the following day on book tour. We’re both virtual friends and thriller authors, but she wanted to meet me in person, at the signing of her new psychological thriller Ruin Falls. Although I couldn’t meet her that afternoon at the Mystery Bookstore in Seattle, I set up an interview for my Podcast “H.S. Clark Presents Author Spotlight” for later that evening in Olympia, Washington an hour before her book signing at Orca Books.


That gave me about 6 hours to gather equipment and get down to Olympia and prepare the venue. So began an hour of energetic last minute posting to multiple social media groups to get the word out. I’d just received new audio and video equipment, so the next 3 hours was spent doing test runs on software and hardware. There were several bugs to work out. My old video conversion program was incompatible with the new camera, my brand new microphone was a lemon, and, of course, every battery needed recharging.  


Somehow, I managed to gather a working set of audio and video equipment, and pack it into my backpack, and head to Olympia with 90 minutes until show time. Silently cursing the traffic all the way, driving aggressively, I barely suppressed my road rage. When I pulled up in front of Orca Books and went to pay the metered street parking, I realized I was penniless. I’d left my wallet and license at home. Thanks to the wisdom of Olympia City Hall, evening parking was free. I later purchased a copy of Jenny’s book with an old, seldom used credit card I’d accidently left in my backpack.


The venue proved to be excellent, with a magnificent display of Northwest themed books as a backdrop. We had a dozen or so early arrivals for an audience. After her long day, Jenny was energetic and animated. I planned a 10-minute interview, but ended up with 14 minutes and lots of difficult cuts to make later. Between the interview and a group discussion afterward, I had a great visit with Jenny Milchman.




H.S. Clark

Category: writing





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