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Social Media Healing

Nov 17, 2013



As I’m about to blog on Social Media Healing, it’s ironic that my recent medical thriller, SECRET THOUGHTS, deals with abuses of digital medicine. But an amazing transformation has overtaken modern medicine, a social media revolution so profound it affects everyone’s physical and spiritual wellbeing. The first revolution is the “Media” part. Online health zines, podcasts, forums, interactive medical databases, music, movies, Youtube, Facebook, twitter, instagram, and like media are being utilized by medical providers and patients to spread interest, information, and treatment options. Doctor and patient communication via email and text messages is increasing exponentially. The Internet, once a repository of medical misinformation, is now the go-to place for answers to health questions.

As a physician, social media has become a place for sharing information between specialties, following medical research, and discovering new treatments. There are few procedures for which I cannot pull up multiple instructional videos on my ipad from reputable institutions for rapid learning or review. RSS feeds and email alerts bring the latest breakthroughs or warnings almost instantly. If I’m seeking a second opinion or coordinating care with another specialist, I’ll often do it by text or email.

But the most astounding advance in social media healing has been the “social” part in areas like virtual support groups, public health drives, disaster relief efforts, and spiritual enhancement. Check out the recent music video produced in my own neighborhood by Seattle’s Children’s Hospital, where pediatric cancer patients and staff sing Kelly Clarkson’s hit song “Stronger.” Also watch as Deb and crew dance to the Beyoncé hit “Get Me Bodied” before Deb’s double mastectomy. The uplifting message of hope, life, and tireless determination is palpable in these videos. They are a prime example of the power of social media healing. 

Category: social media

Stronger- Seattle Children's Hospital

Deb's OR Flash Mob - Prior to double mastectomy


My guest blog "Epidural Anesthesia-The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly" is now posted on Redwood's Medical Edge 


☆☆☆☆☆Secret Thoughts: a Medical Thriller Spanish version is coming soon.



☆☆☆☆☆Check out my new moderated forum: "Art and Medicine" for authors and readers to discuss and get answers to questions about writing authentic medical fiction, and historical information on physician authors and artists. Special feature "Ask The Doctor."






      ☆☆☆☆☆Read my previous blog on the power of the emerging   Latino market in the USA for books and entertainment media.


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