June 8, 2014 at 6:29 AM

Thanks Jamie,
I watched the episode and you are correct, the Propofol use by Jack to sedate Kate is wrong in so many ways! I'm an anesthesiologist, and quite familiar with Propofol, as I use it daily in my practice. First of all, it's a white, milky liquid, and the syringe Jack used had a clear liquid inside. Amazing that they didn't even get the color right. It would be potentially deadly to inject the Propofol directly into Kate's neck, as it has to enter a vein or artery in order to work and not cause damage. Jack used 5 cc's, and that would be 50 mg, barely a "stun" dose for a young agent like Kate. It might make her sleepy for a few minutes, but she would not be immobile. There is no way it would last as long as it did in the episode, or have the desired effect. And the Arm's Dealer's "antidote" does not exist, as there is no antidote for Propofol. It has to wear off naturally. Even if there were an antidote, why would the Arm’s Dealer have it, especially when he’s still using car batteries for interrogation? You’re RN assessment is correct. They blew it. A ten-minute consult with an anesthesiologist could have avoided this bizarre fictional medical fiasco.

H.S. Clark, MD

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