February 7, 2016 at 2:18 PM

Excellent question Clive, and the answer is a rapidly moving target. In my recent Medical Thriller, IMMORTAL FEAR, I predicted genetic advancements that could lead to an apocalypse for mankind. Many of my predictions have already begun to come true. Check out the article I posted on the front page of the forum: “Gene-Editing Scientist Ready to Play God.” The technology of genetic engineering is currently complex and tightly regulated, which should (in theory) slow down potential abuse and accidents. However, along with advancements in genetic engineering will come simplification of technique. Conceivably, future armchair scientists and terrorists will be able to manipulate DNA in their garages with supplies from the kitchen and hardware store. Genetic engineering technology has almost unlimited potential to remake human beings into super humans, aliens, or to kill. As a sci-fi writer, you are experiencing a merging of science fiction and science fact in the field of genetic manipulation. Anything is possible, and major advancements in designer genetics are inevitable. Think of the controversy over the dangers of GMO food, and then imagine GMO humans!

H.S. Clark, MD

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