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My blog contains random thoughts on books, authors, writing, inspiration, promotion, social media, computers, and medical technology. - H.S. CLARK

Confessions of a Twitter Virgin

Mar 07, 2013

Although I’ve had a fair amount of high-level computer training, nothing prepared me for the venture into social media, and twitter in particular. I’d be content to simply write a medical thriller, and not have to promote it. But the need to connect with readers dragged me into twitter kicking and screaming.


I lurked on twitter at first, a cyber-stalker, observing twitter language and customs for a long time before daring to send out my first few timid tweets. My epiphany came when I realized that cyberspace is a two way street. I found the informative nature of the tweets, blogs, pictures, and links at my fingertips to be highly addictive. In no time, I was getting more from the twittersphere than I was contributing. My goal became to provide valuable content, and give back to the twitter community. I have a long way to go.


I set certain practical guidelines to keep me in my comfort zone. I vowed to only tweet uplifting content, and stay away from vulgarity. Tweeting one’s depression in four letter words is useful therapy for some, but it’s not for me. I have to apologize to all those I’ve unfollowed. But after a few time outs in twitmo for screwing up my follower/following ratios, I used tweepi to help unfollow the idle or some of those who don’t follow back.


I’m grateful for every follower, retweeter, and starer, so I’ve learned to take the extra time daily to thank each one. My biggest surprise on twitter has been the humbling sense I get of being a small part of a strong global community, where everyone has something worthwhile to say. Twitter is now part of my psyche and daily experience. I’m not a virgin anymore. 

Category: social media

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